Our Story

Empowering Students to be life long learners

We have worked with over 10,000 students throughout the last 10 years teaching them how to use metacognition to enhance their studying and improve their grades. By exercising mindfulness, reducing test anxiety, and harnessing motivation, our students are able to achieve goals they previously thought were unattainable. Our greatest achievement is when we have earned enough trust from our students to go from instructors to family.

35% Average GPA increase

Over 3.0 GPA

4 point increase in ACT scores

Number's Don't Lie

Using semester GPA as a metric, students averaged a GPA increase of 35% and almost half of all our students achieved over a 3.0 semester GPA. Looking at ACT scores as a metric, our last ACT prep cohort averaged a 4 point increase in their ACT score, with one of our students starting with a 31 and ending with a 35. We can bring proven techniques to your students and achieve the same outstanding results.

Meet The Team

Tina Dorius


Tina has had a lifelong interest in the power of education in social change. Her work on enhancing strategies and maximizing motivation has been presented and awarded at numerous national and international conferences and has been published in academic journals. She is a National Merit Finalist who earned a B.A. in English Literature and Cultural studies from the University of Oklahoma. and a M.S. in Criminal Justice from Troy University.

Marcus Addington

Education Specialist

Marcus can best be described as a dynamic, intuitive and innovative higher education professional. His passion for STEM is infectious and many of his students go on to pursue careers in STEM fields under his mentorship. He is experienced in implementing new teaching strategies and in giving workshops on metacognitive learning and study cycles.

Diyefa Jones-Wonni


Diyefa supports our students and their families by monitoring student progress and tracking assignments and coursework. She has a particular interest in serving students with different learning abilities, including students on the autism spectrum. She has a bachelor's degree in pyschology from Troy University and plans to pursue graduate work in special education.

Nar'Kiyah Butler

Academic Coach

Nar'Kiyah is a native of Birmingham, AL, and will soon be receiving her biology degree with honors from Troy University. Her favorite color is yellow and she dreams of becoming a doctor one day. She also thinks Finding Nemo is the best movie known to man. Her main hobby right now is studying for the MCAT.

Jamese Durden

Education Specialist

Jamese Durden is a native of Bessemer, AL. She has a B.S and M.S in Elementary Education. Her goal is to develop minds academically, socially, and emotionally. Fun fact - her favorite color depends on the season.

Tinatei Tunyan


Tinatei Tunyan is the head designer for Metacognition Academy. She designs and handle all brand associated materials including social media and educational content. She graduated from Troy university with a bachelors degree in Graphic Design and has a deep passion for the arts.

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