21 November 2020

Tomiwa Akintode

Hi there! It's another week of sharing helpful tips with you as you prep for your ACT exams!

This week we’ll be focusing on writing! Whenever you write, make sure to focus on what I like to call the THREE C’s:

- Be CONSISTENT in your writing: Make sure your points have logical connections so your paper can flow seamlessly.

- Your stance should be CLEAR: whatever position you’re taking in your argument, make sure that it is clear to the reader. You can do this by stating what the focus of your paper is as early as the introduction of your essay.

- Make sure answers are CONCISE: Your answers should be error-free and concise as possible. Go through your answers as much as you can and try to figure out the best way you can share your ideas without being too wordy.

Finally, make sure that your writing is in complete logical sentences. Follow these simple tips from us and and you’ll be fine on the Writing portion of the ACT!

What are some helpful tips you have for making sure your answers are concise? Share in the comments below to help someone else!!