We tailor our classes for each individual student

What Is Metacognition? Introduction To Metacognition

In this class, we will be introducing you to the concepts and benefits of learning about learning.

Master STEM Classes Using Metacognition

Metacognition is a powerful tool that can enhance your success in STEM classes.

Leverage Your Learning Styles

Optimize the way you learn different subjects by discovering how to use your Individual learning styles.

Manage Your Time like A Boss

Time waits for no one; We equip you with the tools to effectively manage and maximize your time.

Strategies For College Learning

College is a big step for most; Let us help you adjust and transition into a healthy college mindset.

Cool Down Test Anxiety

Here at Metacognition Academy, we know that test taking is a full body experience. We want to help you to cool down test anxiety, so that your brain can perform in its optimal state.

Study Like An Honors Student

With the right tools, motivation, and support, anybody can become a Honors student.

How To Ace Your Big Exams

Sharpen your test taking abilities with metacognition for maximum results.

Understanding Motivation and Mindset: College Life

Sometimes, our minds can be our biggest adversary. Prime yourself for success by building a strong mindset for college.

Master Math With Metacognition

Math can be intimidating; Let metacognition teach you to understand nuances that can reduce the stress associated with mathematics.

Building a Social/Emotional Toolbox

Learning is an emotional experience. Learn strategies to keep yourself regulated and ready to learn.


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