Answers you might need

Who are you?

We are an academy that promotes educational growth in students and professionals alike by teaching our students teaching mindfulness techniques, reducing test anxiety and harnessing motivation in our students to help them archieve goals they previously thought unattainable.

Who do you serve?

We serve students of all levels.

What are your main services?

Student Success Workshops, ACT Tutoring, General Tutoring, College Applications, NCAA/NAIA Transcript Evaluation, Metacognition Based Classes and Programs.

What is the Metacognition Academy difference?

We prioritize building enough trust within our student relationships to go from being tutors to becoming family.

Why should we trust you?

Because we are care about more than just grades and test scores; We teach individuals to become life-long learners.

What are your success rates?

Using semester GPA as a metric, students averaged a GPA increase of 35% and almost half of all our students achieved over a 3.0 semester GPA. Looking at ACT scores as a metric, our last ACT prep cohort averaged a 4 point increase in their ACT score, with one of our students starting with a 31 and ending with a 35. We can bring proven techniques to your students and achieve the same outstanding results.

Best way to contact you?

We are here to help from 8am-5pm CST everyday of the week.

Here's how to get in touch:

Call: 205-719-9068 or 845-518-9437

Email: Hello@metacognitionacademy.com