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NFLPA 2021 PAF Birmingham Scholarship

2021 ACT Schedule

Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

<February 6>

Register by January 8

Late registration Jan 9-15

<April 17>

Register by March 12

Late registration March 13-26

<June 12>

Register by May 7

Late registration May 8-21

<July 17>

Register by June 18

Late registration June 19-25

To register for the ACT, please visit www.act.org

Support for high school and beyond

Creating individualized blueprints for student success

College admissions has become more complicated than ever. We can help navigate the crowded landscape of transcripts, scholarships, and deadlines so that your journey to college is smooth instead of stressful.

Helping students become lifelong learners

We teach our students to harness the power of motivation and stategic learning strategies so that educational goals become fun and achievable instead of overwhelming.

We base our curriculum and our teaching approaches on the latest research in neuroscience and the learning process.

The world has changed dramatically in just the last 10 years and we believe that the way we teach our students can benefit greatly from the latest in education, SEL, and brain research.

Our students develop their academic, social, and career profiles with the help of our experienced professionals

We offer a full concierge service for students who need to revamp their applications and resumes. Our dedicated staff maintain membership in various higher education associations to keep our competive edge.